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Odiem Zhen

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Online: 2 years ago
Joined: May 06, 2017
Nick Name: The One Chill DUde
Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
City: Bristol
I'm Hubert, or you can just call me Odie from the character from SWTOR! I'm 16 years old and I live with my parents, a older brother (17), and two younger brothers (7 and 9). I have two uncles and three aunties and seven cousins (I know big family). When we go on holiday we all usually go as one and enjoy as self's! Our family is 65% Polish, 15% Lithuanian and 20% Canadian.
I do Fencing the sport and I picture it as the three forms: Soresu, Ataru and Makashi! I do Fencing every Friday so the reason why am always late online is because of that!
I love to RP with anyone in or out of the Guild! Trust me, you'd love to know me!
If you want any more information, just talk to me in Guild or by whisper and we can get to know each other!

Love you all!