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Flagship Unlocked

Ridianaa / May 25, 2017 / Announcements
Hello Coalition Members,

Ridianaa / Ryrria here.

As of May 24th, 2017, The Galactic Coalition has purchased a Flagship, in order to expand it, we are to get onto the Conquest leader board or kill Commanders.

If you wish to join on these missions and adventures, comment down the characters you will use along with the spec or use the PvE forums. PvP is included in Conquest and any sort of game content!

This link is a guide to Conquest Commanders by Dulfy This link is a guide to Conquest in general by Dulfy

Eventually, when we get enough members, we will organize formal events and assign certains days where we hunt these Commanders or do Operations and other PvE and PvP content.

It is not mandatory to attend to these events or such as this is a RP Guild,
but the Flagship is a area we wish to RP at.


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I will help if i can
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