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In the Guild, there will be two sets of rules, a set that is IC specific and OOC specific.

If you are to report a person that breaks these rules, screenshots are required to be provided at the very least.

IC Rules
1. Avoid ranting about your ideals to other members, your opinion should stay to yourself unless you are asked to share your opinion!
2. Killing each other is not allow, any problems should be talked to the leaders of the individuals involved.
3. Upon being arrest, your personal belongings will be confiscated, all items are removed except your clothing unless stated otherwise.
4. No climbing on statues unless permitted.
5. 'Dark Side' abilities should be only used at the Arena and the Cave area.

OOC Rules
1. Avoid trying to seek attention, people are busy at times!
2. Please be respectful and mature in chat.
3. Meta Gaming and Power Gaming is not allowed unless permitted by a leadership for the purpose of a event. People must be inform before hand that this may take place.
4. Mounts are allowed to be use to get around the Temple as long as it doesn't interfere ongoing RP, please dis-mount if you are politely asked.
5. Avoid causing drama or arguing on public Guild communications, bring it to private message, if the drama or argument is unsolved, contact a Officer as a last resort.
6. Keep things OOC, and keep things IC!
7. When outside of Guild Strongholds, you represent the Guild and good behavior is expected!